"you deserve someone more but you don’t seem to realize that and it’s selfish but I hope you never do."

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good morning.

jager and two bottles of moscato. showed this new york kid a good time. :)

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my birthday was one hell of an adventure. spent a few nights in one of the nicest hotels, drank every single night, spent time with amazing people, ate our weight in earl’s sandwiches and learned that B12 and powerade are life savers. i’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

up unusually early with Bruce Wayne this morning. maybe I’ll make some breakfast.

"virgo MB, non-tagalog speaking, long hair don’t care, big booty hoe, interior decorating loving twinsies!"

suicide california trip with cris marie, reese, roland and shell. :)

7am hiking at griffith, brunch at the corner cafe, ikea shopping, burbank mall, chillin’ at santa monica then home by 11pm. exhausting but worth it.


Frank Ocean - Pink Matter ft. Andre 3000

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girl crush.

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posted this before but its still lovely. makes me homesick every time i see it.